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Bob Gilligan at GE Energy interviewed by Clean Skies News

Bob Gilligan, Vice President of Transmission and Distribution at GE Energy is interviewed by Tyler Suiters at Clean Skies News in the clip below.

With a worldwide initiative to increase energy efficiency, control demand, and add renewable generation, we can deliver the solutions to meet the needs of our growing cities.
– Bob Gilligan, GE Energy

GE Energy wants consumers to become more engaged in the discussion about their energy use and how they can save energy. Conservation is the most cost-effective way to address the energy future. If consumers have more information, delivered by Smart Meters it will help them to make better decisions.

The price is an important element when it comes to saving energy. It costs more money to produce and deliver energy at peak hours. If consumers are aware of the actual price for the present hour it will help them to choose whether it’s worth using energy at peak hours or when the prices are lower.

Watch the full interview!


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