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Siemens E-Utile at AEG in Milan

E-Utile – Siemens IT solutions and Services operates a network of 2 million smart meters for the utility company AEM based in the city of Milan. With the real time connection AEM customers are able to monitor their energy consumption at any time. With the system provided AEM can offer flexible tariff models. According to Walter Fontanel, Global Solution Manager Metering at Siemens IT solutions and Services in Italy, an automated metering management solution is the key enabling factor to manage and control meters remotely. Siemens are able to integrate the management system with the back office system already in use at the utility company, for example a billing system. Siemens claims that the system is cost effective and that it could be used by utility companies all over the world.

Watch a video presentation published by Siemens on the 10th of November.