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Director, North American Utility Sales – West Region

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Measuring energy consumption

Posted on January 29, 2010 by Jerry Rodgers

The first step in reducing energy consumption is measuring how much you are using. Energy consumption consists of two primary components, power and demand. Power, measured in watts, indicates the rate at which energy is expended. Demand, measured in volt-amperes (VA), indicates the requirement that a customer places on the utility to deliver voltage and current without regard to the efficiency of that delivery of whether or  not it does actual work. Power is usually less than demand and the ratio between the two, kW/kVA is called the power factor. Utilities often collect a penalty charge based on the …

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Ph.D student Anthony Rowe

Anthony Rowe a Ph.D. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University has developed a sensor device that allows you to turn the plugged-in appliance on or off on remote control by using your iPhone® or laptop. It’s also possible to monitor the electrical usage for all connected devices in the wireless network.

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Happy New Smart Grid!

Welcome to a new year with Enerway!
A year filled with smart ideas, smart people and a lot of meter readings!

There are a lot of high-tech companies out there struggling for the same customers. They work on different solutions which is good because the right solution depends on a lot of things. What is best for your utility?

Most utilities with new smart meters installed have to continue to work on their grid to be able to take most advantage possible of the investment. It might be necessary to upgrade some of the data systems because new smart meters enable new smarter functionality that needs to be developed and implemented.
Utilities that are still at planning stage have a lot of information to dig into. It’s important to create a chain from the meter and all the way to creating the invoice. Through the chain a lot of people are involved and information passes often more than one data system. There are a lot of things to take at considerations while building the infrastructure and installing all new smart meters.

There are some Smart Metering Conferences coming up in 2010.

For example:
Smart Metering Scandinavia 2010 (10-11 March)

Smart Metering Central & Eastern Europe 2010 (20-21 April)

Smart Metering UK & Ireland (29-30 June)

Metering AND Billing/CRM Europe (22-24 Sept)

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IBM wants to build a smarter planet

A 30 seconds commercial from IBM talking about smarter…