About Enerway.se

The business case
Enerway searches the web and other sources for information about Smart Metering, Smart Grid, Billing and Management systems, Energy- and Network companies and Renewable Energy resources et cetera and makes it available for its visitors by using posts, links or embedded videos.
Companies are allowed to publish information for free. All that is needed is an Enerway account which is provided on request. Information could also be sent via e-mail. Enerway holds the right to remove material that is not approved by Enerway.

At Enerway, we believe that video is the best way to spread information. It can be made at low cost and the information moves fast on the Internet. Videos posted on Enerway will be pushed to Twitter and other websites are able to link or embed the videos or articles on their pages and on Facebook et cetera.

As an extra service, Enerway can create a low budget video about your company and the products or services you provide. Contact us for more information.

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