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Interview with Fredrik Löfvendahl, Sales and Marketing Manager at Rejlers

Enerway met Fredrik Löfvendahl the Sales and Marketing Manager at Rejlers Energitjänster AB, in Copenhagen during the Smart Metering Conference.

Rejlers Energitjänster is a service provider and they are operating on the Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish market. Rejlers provides a lot of services, for example they collect metering values, perform Balance settlements and provide web portals where end customers can follow their consumption. One of the services that they provide is helping end customers to reduce the consumption costs by installing Smart Meters that collects meter values more frequently than conventional meters. In Sweden most meters used to be read once a year, today they are read once a month or once an hour.

What is Smart Metering from Rejlers point of view?
For Rejlers, Smart meters give them the chance to make better analysis. For example in the Balance settlement where they can achieve improved calculations in the net, become aware of disturbances and make sure that the net is doing ok.

Its important for Rejlers to attend at the Smart Metering Conference for the reason that it gives them a chance to follow the movements in the energy business. Interesting areas are for example Smart Metering, Smart Grid and Smart Living. They believe that Smart Living will become an interesting business for the future where meters, grids and peoples homes will be integrated and working together.

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