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The new Enerway and AMR projects in Sweden

By the 1st of July 2009 all electric meters in Sweden should be read once per month.

The implementation projects should therefore be completed. Most network owners have done a terrific job but there are still some meters that haven’t been exchanged just yet. There are several reasons for that. Mistakes in planning of the projects, lack of communication between the new meter and the administration system is example of those reasons.


Overall the AMR projects in Sweden seem to have been a success.


The task now is to make sure that all electricity meters are read every month and that the information is sent to the electricity supplier at time. For a couple of months there will be problems to perform this because of a new format called UTILTS that holds information about the meter standings.


The new project for Enerway is to gather information from projects or involved people in Sweden in order to solve some of the problems that still needs to be fixed and also to help network owners in other nations that are planning for new AMR projects.

Hopefully Enerway will find people with the knowledge in their hands that are positive to share it with you!