Bill Gates talks about Energy and Climate @TED

Bill Gates talks about his vision for the world’s energy future at TED. Every year the atmosphere receives another 26 billion tons of Carbon dioxide. In his speech he says that the carbon emissions have to get down to zero globally by 2050 to avoid a catastrophe for our planet.

There are five important sources that may contribute to lower the carbon emissions but they need a miracle if they should lower the carbon emissions to zero. The sources that Bill Gates mentions are Carbon Capture and Storage of CO2, Nuclear power, Wind Power, Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal. But they all have some challenges that need to be solved.

Would it be possible to burn out the waste from the Nuclear Power plants to come down to zero carbon emissions and at the same time power the world for a couple of centuries?

Listen to Bill Gates at
The speech is called: Innovating to zero!

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