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Interview with Knut Gustavsen at Tieto about Smart Metering

Enerway met Knut Gustavsen, Director of Energy Tieto in Norway at the Smart Metering 2010 Scandinavia in Copenhagen.

This interview covers a short presentation of Tieto and what they are planning for the future within the Smart Metering area. In opposite to many utilities and companies working with Smart Metering, Tieto believes that the end customers won’t be very active on saving energy themselves by using In-home displays et cetera. According to research made by Tieto experts, the future consumers needs services, third party vendors or suppliers and IT systems that can guide and help the energy consumers to save energy and to use the energy in a smart and effective way.

Tieto thinks that households and offices in the future will become Prosumers which means that they will produce energy as well as they will consume energy. The Prosumers will need systems that can help them to produce and consume as smart as possible as well as they need systems that can monitor and control their buildings.

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Short version of Green Energy Options presentation

This is a short version of the interview with Rachel Bennett, the International Sales director. The interview was made at the Smart Metering 2010 Scandinavia in Copenhagen.
The interview covers a short presentation of the company geo – Green Energy Options and presents some of their products that help consumers to make energy visible. For example the Minim, the Solo, the Duet, the Trio and the Energy hub for homes and businesses that can monitor the consumption and display it on your PC.


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Interview with Andreas Berthold-van der Molen at Microsoft EMEA

Andreas Berthold-van der Molen is responsible for Utilities at Microsoft EMEA which operates in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Microsoft helps their customers in the utilities to optimize their environments.

Andreas was invited as a speaker to the Smart Metering Conference in Copenhagen and Microsoft’s approach was to highlight how we can change consumer behavior by helping them to adapt to new technology. The feedback from the project with Yello Strom was that it’s nice for consumers to have a dashboard that shows the consumption in real-time but after a week or two the interest decreases.

The research made by Microsoft shows that if we can help consumers to increase their living comfort, e.g. by controlling their heating or cooling, we can change the consumer behavior as well.

Together with partners Microsoft offers end-to-end solutions based on technological possibilities that will increase the living comfort and also gives the consumers the ability to control the consumption from a distance.

In the smart grid, Microsoft’s focus is to connect and build bridges between existing applications so that they can talk to each other. If the utilities integrate existing assets, they will be able to solve a lot of ongoing challenges.

Microsoft also supports partners to create solutions for the whole utility value chain from generation, transmission and distribution to the retailers.

Andreas explains that by attending to conferences like the Smart Metering 2010 Scandinavia he has the possibility to talk to a lot of vendors and utilities from different countries during the breaks between the sessions. It is very time efficient to have dialogs in a very short timeframe.

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Interview with Saul Nurtman, Managing Director at Junifer Systems

Enerway met Saul Nurtman, Managing Director at Junifer Systems at the Smart Metering 2010 Scandinavia in Copenhagen.

The interview covers a short presentation of the company Junifer Systems. Junifer Systems has a strong background in the complex Telecoms billing sector to provide highly efficient, flexible and cost effective back-office solutions for the utilities and telco markets.

Junifer Systems utility products consists of Junifer AMR, Junifer Utility Rating, Junifer Utility CCB, Junifer Analytics and Junifer Web Portal.

Watch the interview right here and visit for more information about the company and their products.


Interview with Timo Chrons, Managing Director at Aidon

This interview covers a short presentation of the European Technology company Aidon and explains briefly about the benefits for utilities and customers after implementation of Smart Metering in the distribution grid.


The interview is made by Enerway in association with Synergy and is the first to be published from a long list of interviews from the Smart Metering 2010 Scandinavia Conference. More interviews will be published as soon as they have been approved by the company involved.

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Smart Meter Project with Capgemini and Hydro One

A commercial video from Capgemini about their Smart Meter Project with Hydro One


Home Dashboard for Energy Management

Take a look at this Home Dashboard for Energy management from Intel. Intel will release a product like the one in this presentation in 2010 according to


IBM Energy Management


Siemens E-Utile at AEG in Milan

E-Utile – Siemens IT solutions and Services operates a network of 2 million smart meters for the utility company AEM based in the city of Milan. With the real time connection AEM customers are able to monitor their energy consumption at any time. With the system provided AEM can offer flexible tariff models. According to Walter Fontanel, Global Solution Manager Metering at Siemens IT solutions and Services in Italy, an automated metering management solution is the key enabling factor to manage and control meters remotely. Siemens are able to integrate the management system with the back office system already in use at the utility company, for example a billing system. Siemens claims that the system is cost effective and that it could be used by utility companies all over the world.

Watch a video presentation published by Siemens on the 10th of November.

Tell us about your project!

Enerway invites contributors that would like to share information about their AMI projects. Describe for example how you planned it, what kind of people were involved in the project, were there any complications that forced you to find another solution and how is the situation today.
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