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Yello Strom on smart metering

Martin Vesper, Executive Director at Yello Strom GmbH talks about the changing electricity world. He explains how smart meters can help their customers to control the electricity by using an Internet tool that connects directly to the meter and shows the usage in real-time.

The next video shows an installation at a Yello Strom customer.

The last video is showing one way of using a smart meter and Yello Sparzähler online.

List of AMR suppliers

Enerway has created a list of AMR suppliers.
You can reach it by using the link below or take a look at Enerway pages on the right side.

List of AMR suppliers

Let us know if there are any another companies that should be added to the list!

Itron Inc – Smart Utility

ItronInc is a provider of intelligent metering, data collection and utility software solutions.

Take a look at this video to learn more.


Itron in Europe and Russia


Google Powermeter

Today, I almost accidentally found information about one of Google’s projects. They are planning to use the information from “smart meters” to help you keep track of your energy use at home. I haven’t yet found out what Google mean by smart meters but I guess that they need the metering device or something connected to it to send information to a Google based server by the Internet. The user should be able to login to its Google account and analyze their energy use. In Sweden all meters should be able to send accurate meter standing the 1st every month but a lot of the installed meters reads, saves and sends meter values to a management system and stores all data at a server. The meter readings can also be forwarded through communication lines like PLC (PowerLine Carrier), GPRS, Internet et cetera. I think that it qualifies for Google’s Powermeter.

I have been thinking about this and I think that it’s a pretty good idea to use a Google account to publish this information instead of having all grid owners and electricity suppliers to rebuild there own website with this information. I guess some of you will disagree. Perhaps Google can open their API so that some information from Google will be embedded on “your” website? Future will tell.
An interactive website costs a lot of money so therefore I believe that it would be nice to spend that money on other things. The problem might be that Google gets even more information about you. How will the information be used?

From the information that I have found so far it seems like the electricity use is displayed in a rate the meter can read and save. In the demo it’s hour values. You can’t see exactly what device connected that is used at the time. You can only try to analyze this information from the diagram displayed as far as I know from search in the web. I would like to see smart meters that know where the consumption comes from. In a nearby future I think that all new devices like TV, computers, radiators and perhaps even your energy saving lamp will be able to send consumption information by a wireless connection.

I will try to find more information about this and come back!

Here comes some links and videos! Thank you for you time!

Automated Meter Reading to Härnösand

Automated Meter Reading to Härnösand
Investigation of factors of great significance for the choice of automated meter reading system.

Fjärrstyrda mätsystem till Härnösand
Undersökning av faktorer med avgörande betydelse för val av fjärrstyrda mätsystem.

 Author: Christian Sääf
At Mid Sweden University

Automated Meter Reading to Härnösand

It’s written in Swedish and not really up to date.

The new Enerway and AMR projects in Sweden

By the 1st of July 2009 all electric meters in Sweden should be read once per month.

The implementation projects should therefore be completed. Most network owners have done a terrific job but there are still some meters that haven’t been exchanged just yet. There are several reasons for that. Mistakes in planning of the projects, lack of communication between the new meter and the administration system is example of those reasons.


Overall the AMR projects in Sweden seem to have been a success.


The task now is to make sure that all electricity meters are read every month and that the information is sent to the electricity supplier at time. For a couple of months there will be problems to perform this because of a new format called UTILTS that holds information about the meter standings.


The new project for Enerway is to gather information from projects or involved people in Sweden in order to solve some of the problems that still needs to be fixed and also to help network owners in other nations that are planning for new AMR projects.

Hopefully Enerway will find people with the knowledge in their hands that are positive to share it with you!